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“Dr. Ritu Khadse is an excellent doctor. She is skill full and has a nice gesture towards patients. I had severe toothache. I got my Root canal treatment and a crown done by her. Complete treatment done very professionally. Clinic is very hygienic and well equipped. Highly recommended for all dental procedures. 5 Star for her excellent work.”

Renuka Yadav

Dr. Ritu is an excellent clinician. She understands the issue at hand and treats it with the best facilities available.

Sanket Baranwal

I went to Dr Ritu for cavities 2 years ago at a different clinic. She was very professional, gentle and confident about her work. I would certainly recommend to get treated by her for dental health.
Abhishek Patil

Very honest and compassionate dentist. Nimble but steady hands and up to date with technology and techniques. Highly recommend.

Naresh Bakshi

I got my treatment done from Dr Ritu for my severe toothache. She is very knowledgeable and a sincere doctor. She guided me very well. Overall experience was excellent and would recommend her to all.

Pauravi Mahajani

Upon constant push from my sister, I decided to get my teeth checked. I visited Dr. Ritu for the check-up, and good thing that I went. I had a cavity in one of my premolars, and another small one in a canine tooth. the doctor removed the cavities, did fillings, and took care of everything. Had a smooth, steady, & comforting hand. Her charges were quite competitive as well. I left the clinic knowing well that she's now my dentist. PS - She is really easy to talk to, and explains issues & treatment with photos and slides.

Tehas Gonsales

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